After a month of work and a lot of trial and error, I am finally able to talk about the next evolution of SCRAPE email hunter.

SCRAPE is an email hunter chrome extension that crawls a website in real-time to find all emails from across all the pages it can reach. The main difference between SCRAPE and all the other similar extensions is the price. SCRAPE email hunter is a flat $5/mo for as many crawls as you need.

The reason SCRAPE email hunter is so affordable is because it crawls the website you run it on in real-time and gather any emails it finds for you. This is different from more expensive solutions. The competitors of SCRAPE constantly crawl the internet and gather emails in a similar way to how Google crawls the internet to create its search results.

This process is very expensive and time-consuming. You see companies like charge $49/mo to get emails from 1000 websites and you can begin to understand why they charge as much as they do. These competitors likely put a lot of resources into crawling the internet for emails and in turn, need to charge their users more.

The Goal

We wanted SCRAPE to return just as good of results as all of its competitors but still for the low price of $5/mo. To return just as good of results as every other more expensive plugin on the market that means that we at SCRAPE needed to also start crawling and collecting our own database of emails.

We set a goal of $200/mo in total price to add this functionality to our pipeline. The goal was set to ensure we could still charge $5/mo while returning results as good or better than ever plugin on the market.

The Result

After a month of trial and error, we built a pipeline that found 1.2 billion emails across the internet. SCRAPE now search's these emails when you run the plugin and returns more results than ever before. If there is an email for the website somewhere on the internet SCRAPE will return it. This is the next evolution of SCRAPE. SCRAPE continues each month to find and add more emails from across the internet building the biggest set of emails gathered across all of its competitors.

If you are a non-technical reader you can stop reading here and go give SCRAPE a try for yourself!

If you are here for the details on what when into accomplishing this complex task at under $200/mo then take a look at the next part below:

Scraping and indexing 1.2 billion emails for under $200 part 2