We are so excited to be able to talk about what we have been working on under wraps for a month! SCRAPE email hunter is positioning itself as a leader in the industry when it comes to email collection and scraping.

We have spent the last month engineering a proprietary solution to collecting emails from around the internet. We have grown our collection of emails to 1.2 billion and counting. We have multiple emails found across billions of sites returned in our results.

Why should you be excited

Previously SCRAPE crawled the website it was used on trying to find any emails. This is very efficient in finding emails for quick contact.

What about websites that don't actually list any emails on their own site? Does that mean there are no emails we can return?

Previously, yes we would not return any emails if we could not find them on the site. That all changes with v1.0.8. Now we also search our collected data of +1.2 billion emails trying to find your results. This has GREATLY increased the chance of us being able to return a meaningful email.

The cherry on the top

Although our process has changed greatly in order to offer the best in class results we still intend to keep SCRAPE email hunter at a flat rate of $5/mo for unlimited website scans. We at SCRAPE are against credit-based pricing. Regardless of how much our process increases in complexity and cost, we vow to keep SCRAPE email hunter as the leading low-cost solution on the market.

Give it a try

Don't want to add SCRAPE to chrome without testing it out first? Go to https://scrape.email and click give it a try. There you can test our results for yourself. Hopefully, you see after trying it out that we have a vast collection of emails waiting for you to pull!

An exciting future

SCRAPE email hunter is continuing to grow and attract more users. Our #1 priority is meeting the feature requests of our users. We will continue to work tirelessly to add important things to SCRAPE like exporting results in the coming months.

If you have any requests or questions email jordan@jordanpiepkow.com

Till next time. ✌️