First I wanna start by saying that no one likes credit-based pricing. It's aggravating to use a credit-based pricing product/service because then you need to weigh the value of what you're using your credits on. What sucks worst is most email scrappers are credit-based pricing.

I had a task I needed to get some company emails for when trying to market AppDoctor so I spent some time looking into existing solutions because going and looking for emails was not scalable for me.


I actually really like I appreciate all the effort that goes into what it tries to accomplish. I just don't like its pricing.

I try not to judge the pricing of services because I have been on the other end, where people thought my service was priced too high.

But on that note, I have this habit of comparing monthly subscriptions with what they offer(I know that is a flawed approach sometimes).

  • 10$/mo spotify: I can listen to any music I can think of.
  • 6$/mo hulu: I have hours and hours of content to watch.
  • 50$/mo I can get the emails off 1000 websites.

One of these is not like the other. I know it may not be a fair comparison but something like getting emails from a website in an easy way seems like the perfect opportunity for Flat-Rate pricing.

Enter SCRAPE offered a lot of features. More than I needed. I did not need the job-title of an email. I didn't need emails found on other websites. I just wanted all the emails from a website in an easy and 100% reliable way.

I decided to build out what I needed over this passed break and publish it in case anyone else was in my shoes and did not want to spend 50$/mo to find some emails.

SCRAPE email hunter is a chrome extension that does one thing and does it well. It returns all the emails from a website regardless of if it's on a different page of the site or not! Also, more importantly, it's a flat 5$/mo for as many websites as you want!

If you find this interesting or find it lacking a feature you need to feel free to give me a shout at